The Kootenay and Boundary regions of Southeastern BC are home to a vibrant co-op sector.

The Upper Columbia Co-operative Council (UCCC) was founded in 2008, in partnership with the BC Co-op Association (BCCA). The UCCC operates as the BCCA’s sister organization and focuses on raising awareness and strengthening the co-op sector in the region.

There are currently 18 active UCCC co-op and credit union members operating in various economic sectors. The UCCC has regional representatives available to provide hands-on co-op development support to help launch new co-ops and grow existing co-op. These reps live in the region, understand the local economic climate, and have extensive business contacts. Visit the UCCC website to discover the co-ops in the region.

In the last few years, the UCCC has experienced a surge of interest in co-operative business, and an increased demand for co-op education and support. There has also been more attention paid to the co-op business model due to the high profile of several successful local co-ops.

The UCCC delivers its popular Co-ops 101 workshop to economic development and business groups in the region, to ensure the co-op voice is considered in discussions.


Upper Columbia Co-operative Council

Visit the UCCC website to discover the co-ops in the region.

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