BCCA’s Co-operative Deposit Pool – P6P – IS for members, by members.

Whether you are a long-time co-op member or just getting started, the BCCA team is actively looking for opportunities to provide the support, information, and opportunities you need to succeed at any stage of your co-op journey.

Introducing BCCA’s Co-operative Deposit Pool

As a member of BCCA in good standing, our newest service the Co-operative Deposit Pool – P6P- enables your co-operative to take advantage of preferred banking arrangements through Vancity. BCCA members now have the opportunity to increase their earnings by pooling their operating accounts into one large pool with other co-operatives. Ultimately, the deposit pool created by our co-op members pooling their accounts together is large and Vancity offers a preferred interest rate to all co-operatives included in the pool.

P6P Program Benefits and Features

  • Preferred interest rate
  • Applies to both savings and chequing accounts
  • Preferred monthly account fee
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Quick enrollment process
  • All deposits are 100% guaranteed – by the provincial government (CUDIC: Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of BC)
  • Help BCCA build a strong and resilient co-operative economy

Details to know…