Victory Gardens

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We Build. We Teach. We Grow.

Victory Gardens is a Vancouver based worker co-operative of urban growers who help you grow food in YOUR SPACE, FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION! As no two spaces are the same, neither are the gardens grown. We are your one-stop-shop for food growing: We build your garden, we teach you how to grow in it, or we will even grow food for you! We build gardens in all types of spaces including: Back and front yards, patios and rooftops, for businesses, educational institutions and private homes! Not sure how to grow, we offer a selection of educational services to help you achieve the success you and your team are looking for through-out the growing season!

With your own Victory Garden, you will decrease your impact on the environment, support your own local economy, create a healthy environment with organic food and participate in the movement towards new and sustainable food systems within our community.