Going from incubating a co-op idea to incorporating a new co-op can be a monumental journey with many challenges. Co-op development is the process of supporting the formation, growth, and thriving of co-ops. It also refers to work that supports the larger cooperative environment. Because of their unique structure, co-operatives can face challenges and growing pains. To be successful, co-operatives, like all businesses, require specialized tools and support.   

Our team provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to incubate and support their co-operatively owned businesses – all of which take time and resources. And to help strengthen the process, BCCA is delighted to share the following investment news from the BC Government, which will contribute significantly to building the capacity of the co-operative sector even further.  

Announcement –  Supporting Co-op Development 

In July 2022, the BC Government announced a new investment of $2 million through a one-time government grant to British Columbia’s co-operative movement. This funding will support co-op business development and growth and expand services for people who use co-operatives. 

“We’re committed to supporting the BC Cooperative Association as it builds the critical infrastructure needed to expand opportunities to apply the co-op model and include the under-represented groups involved in this expansion,” said Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. “People access the services co-operatives deliver across the province so this funding will empower more co-operatives to work collaboratively for British Columbians.” 

BCCA thanks the British Columbia government for their commitment to supporting efforts to build the critical infrastructure needed to expand opportunities to apply the co-op model and include the under-represented groups involved in this expansion.  

Please use this link to review the 2022 news release in its entirety.

Equipping you for success. Co-op Development is critical.

BCCA offers programs and supports to help entrepreneurs launch, operate and grow co-op businesses.   

Referral Services

Through our Community of Practice, we will introduce you to experienced and specialized co-op development professionals. Through this referral from the BCCA, emerging and evolving co-operatives receive priority access to insight, technical services, and training opportunities.   

Available Resources

Our comprehensive Cultivating Co-ops Guide is the first step in the co-op journey. The guide answers many questions emerging co-operators may have. And as well it includes valuable tools to help your group navigate the trail – including various evaluations, checklists, and templates.  

Outreach Services 

The BCCA offers support across the province to develop co-operatives in local communities. Our team is available to deliver hands-on training and resources upon request. All sessions are tailored to the needs and motivations of the community.  

Start Growing Your Co-op Today

From emerging to longtime co-ops and anywhere in-between, if your group seeks support, please connect with the BCCA office. The Co-op Development Team has at their fingertips vast offerings of information, services, networks, and communications tools available to support the sustainability of co-ops and credit unions from idea incubation and pre-development to launch, operations, and growth. Please call 604.662.3906 or email  contact@bcca.coop 


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