What is BCCA?

The British Columbia Co-operative Association (BCCA) is the knowledge and resource centre for co-operatives across the province. As a community service (not-for-profit) co-operative, we help co-ops and credit unions come together to collaborate, network, access support, learn, and contribute knowledge to shape British Columbia’s co-op movement. We provide a collective platform for our members to participate in customized programs and services, receive the latest sector information, connect and share ideas, and benefit from our ongoing advocacy and lobbying efforts. We work alongside the Upper Columbia Co-op Council, which was formed in partnership with the BCCA to strengthen and raise awareness of the vibrant co-op sector in the Kootenay and Boundary regions of Southeastern British Columbia.

Why Co-ops?

Co-operatives provide flexible solutions to communities facing economic, social, and environmental challenges. Co-ops are more resilient than other forms of enterprise, keep capital circulating locally, and promote democratic values through collective ownership and governance of assets. To learn more about the advantages of co-operative associations, click here.

As a co-operative, we are a part of a rich international community of co-operation that has thrived throughout human history. If you’ve never heard of a co-operative before or are not totally sure how they work, click here to learn more.


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