The BC Co-op Association (BCCA) is a member services organization that exists to help BC co-ops and credit unions address their needs and challenges through a unified platform. Incorporated as a co-operative in 2003, our approach is to educate, convene and support our members and the co-op sector in BC.

Sector Needs

BC’s co-op sector is large and diverse, with about 700 co-op businesses. The sector includes some of the largest and most well-established co-ops in Canada, as well as smaller co-ops, and a new generation of innovative co-op start-ups.

Each of BC’s co-ops faces challenges of different complexities, and experiences various levels of competition in the marketplace for funding, products, services, marketing, outreach, strategy, talent recruitment, advocacy and lobbying.

Recent research found that co-ops in BC need support in several key areas:

  • A voice and awareness for their value proposition and unique business model
  • Help to compete with the general market, and to set up for sustainable success
  • Finance-model support 
  • Assistance recruiting employees
  • Guidance to leverage opportunities emerging from a growing interest in value-based employment, innovation, creativity and energy from a younger generation of social entrepreneurs

How We Serve the Sector

The BCCA provides essential supports and information to its members and to co-op sector stakeholders to help meet their unique, complex and diverse needs. 

  • We deliver a range of custom programs and services designed for prospective, new and established co-op and credit union owners
  • We provide advocacy and government relations support to address co-op related regional and provincial policies and regulations
  • We generate co-op knowledge, information, research and best practices to provide opportunities for self-learning and advance co-op business model theory and application
  • We facilitate networking, referrals, partnerships, and connection points, for members to build valuable business relationships in their local communities and across the province 
  • We offer communications and marketing tools and channels for co-ops to increase their visibility, promote their products and services across BC, and find employees

Learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values and the Benefits of BCCA Membership.