There’s a lot to know about developing, launching, operating and growing a co-operative. The BCCA’s training and workshops focus on brief, but intense, training sessions and workshops to deliver deep learning experiences and relevant information participants can apply to their specific co-op scenarios right away.

Board Governance Workshops

Ideal for board chairs, board committees and board directors, the sessions include discussion on:

  • Co-op Models
  • Hallmarks of Effective Governance
  • Board Decision-Making
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Board Challenges, Pitfalls and Mitigation 

Post-workshop coaching is also available from a seasoned expert in co-op board governance.   

Co-operate Now

Our core training program, Cooperate Now, is a bi-annual business skills bootcamp for entrepreneurs and community members interested in building a co-op enterprise. For a nominal fee, participants receive valuable information and gain access to the BCCA’s network of co-op leaders. Sign up for our mailing list to get notified about when we’ll be offering the next session.

Co-ops 101 for Members + Employees

This presentation delivers fundamental co-op knowledge to participants through engaging, interactive learning activities. The content of Co-ops 101 is fluid and can be tailored to different audiences, depending on their interests and motivations for attending.

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