Island Roots Market Co-operative

BC Co-op Membership Profile |
Island Roots Market Co-operative is a registered community co-operative in which anyone can become a member by purchasing shares. This means that anyone who wants to participate can, and no one person or small group of people stand to benefit from the profits the organization might make.
What We do: We are working together to increase our community’s food sustainability, food security, and add to the general well being of citizens. We are helping to create an increased demand for local production and acting as a stimulus for farmers, food and other local production and the local food movement.
Purposes of The Co-operative Association
  • to provide a place for farmers, artisans and other local producers, who are members of the Co-op, to display and sell their products;
  • to acquire, on behalf of its members, the supplies, materials, equipment and facilities that are required;
  • to encourage local food production (including urban agriculture), and in so doing strengthen the economy and increase food security;
  • to provide a place for consumers to obtain locally grown and produced products;
  • to create jobs that pay a living wage, and in so doing, to support the local economy;
  • to assist in the creation of new, or development of existing, co-operatives that have purposes similar or complementary to those of the association;
  • to ensure that the workers, suppliers and consumers who are members of the association control it;
  • to limit the spread between the wages paid to the lowest and the highest paid employee of the co-­op.
Our Mission: Working together to increase our community’s economic sustainability, food sustainability and food security.