Join the BC Co-op Association (BCCA) and take your co-operative, credit union or organization to the next level.

BCCA membership is open to co-operatives, credit unions and other organizations that support co-operatives in British Columbia.

To apply to the BCCA, please contact our Member Engagement Manager, Marla Gagnier, at marla[at] She will guide you through the application process.

As per the BC Cooperative Association act, ownership of at least one membership share is a prerequisite for membership in a co-operative in British Columbia.

Upon approval, you will be invoiced for your first year’s dues and one member share ($10). Members must purchase one share in order to be eligible for membership.

Member shares are refundable should your organization choose to end its membership in BCCA.

Additional Application Information

  1. The person listed as the “Contact” (page 1) will be BCCA’s primary contact with your organization, and will receive any administration-related correspondence (including invoices).
  2. BCCA members must appoint at least one “Delegate” (page 2). Delegates vote on your organization’s behalf on any BCCA related matters.
  3. Appointment of “Alternate Delegate(s)” (page 2) is optional. Alternate delegates may vote on your organization’s behalf when your primary delegate(s) is/are unavailable.
  4. Members can appoint a number of Delegates and Alternate Delegates in accordance with the amount of dues paid annually.
  5. Contact, Delegate, and Alternate Delegate information and appointments can be changed at any time.
  6. Application forms can be mailed to us at the address listed here.