Hornby Island Co-op

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Hornby Island Co-op was started in 1955 as a way for island residents to provide themselves with food, fuel, household and hardware goods at fair, reasonable prices. It was, and is still, a way to combine our community buying power and resources for common advantage. Our deep roots in the local community make us a uniquely Hornby organization.



To provide the quality of facilities, goods, and services that encourages member and employee confidence and commitment to our cooperative.



Together, we will be the thriving and vibrant economic hub and heart of Hornby Island.



Integrity: We have a culture of honesty, trust and responsibility.

Community: We are committed to improving the social and economic well-being of the Hornby island community.

Sustainability: We promote environmentally, socially, financially responsible, and innovative practices.

Respect: We honour and appreciate diversity and uniqueness.

Service: We deliver a friendly, creative, and cooperative experience (Awesomeness.)

Accountability: We listen and respond to our membership.

Authenticity: We celebrate our Hornby Island community and the co-operative culture.