BC Co-op Membership Profile |

It started off like many other co-ops — with an innovative idea and a ton of passion. With just two cars and 16 members in Vancouver’s West End, Modo was born out of an SFU thesis project — as a way to get more people to share fewer cars. Back in 1997, we were the first and only local carshare to provide all the benefits of owning a car, without all the hassles.

As a member-owned co-op, we began with a goal to provide our members with great service and best value. And nearly two decades later — with more carshare operators to choose from — Modo remains the only one focused on maximizing member service, not profits. Not bad for a little co-op with big dreams.

We started with trip logs, then developed one of the first booking software systems (ever). To grow the movement, we gave it away free to small Canadian carshares. As we’ve grown our membership across the Lower Mainland and into Victoria, we’ve added sophisticated technology to our vehicles and built an app—and Modo’s organic roots and commitment to all things local remain.

Modo provides convenient, reliable and affordable access to the most diverse fleet of shared vehicles across the Lower Mainland and Victoria. Simply put, with Modo, you get all the benefits of having a car, without all the hassles of owning one (or two).

For as low as $5/hour – including gas, insurance, maintenance, bridge tolls, and parking privileges – you can drive what you want, when you want. Choose from over 500 sports cars, sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans and hybrids – all at the same great rate, any day or time. Modo is your locally owned member co-op, driven by people, not profits.

New Members signing up with the promo code BCCA receive $50 free drive time to get started!

What we do: Two-way carsharing service in the lower mainland and Victoria

Our mission: Offering access to affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable transportation


Vancouver  200 – 470 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC  V6C 1V5

Victoria Suite 311 – 895 Fort Street Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1H7