Slocan Integral Forestry Co-op (SIFCo)

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At SIFCo our goal is to be part of creating a healthy and vibrant local community, a community built on respect for one another and respect for a healthy, fully functioning ecosystem.

Our planning process emphasizes long-term economic, social, and environmental stability. A diversity of values are considered in our planning development. In January 2008 SIFCo secured a Probationary Community Forest Agreement (PCFA) in the Central Slocan Valley. In the winter of 2012 we signed a 25-year Community Forest Agreement (CFA) with the Province of British Columbia.

SIFCo’s goal is to be a leader in Climate Change adaptation, community resiliency, ecosystem based management and economic diversification. We use the platform of Community Forestry to think beyond the border of our tenured lands (35000 acres) and participate
in the creation of a truly resilient bioregion and community.

We are imagining a future where ecosystems are able to withstand rapidly changing conditions and doing the work today to exponentially help our land base be more and more resilient.  This work includes the considerations of all values associated with complex ecosystems.