A strong, resilient and diverse co-operative economy in BC


We contribute to building BC’s co-operative economy by

  1. Strengthening existing member co-ops
  2. Promoting co-operative solutions
  3. Supporting the growth of the co-operative ecosystem



The BC Co-op Association supports co-operatives,
educates the community, and advances the co-operative sector.


A strong, resilient and diverse co-operative economy in BC.

Dedicated Board of Directors

BCCA board members are passionate co-op and credit union members dedicated to elevating BC’s co-op sector.

Community Partnerships

We work with community partners to promote co-ops and integrate the co-op business model into local economies across BC.

Engaged Membership

Our membership reflects the diversity of BC’s co-op sector, from innovative start-ups to some of Canada’s largest and most established co-ops and credit unions.

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