Are you part of a team interested in forming your own co-op? Join us for the next session of Co-operate Now: Co-op Development Bootcamp taking place in person in Nelson in September!  You’ll learn from co-op experts all the basics and nuances of forming a co-op, including:

  • Co-op structures
  • Group development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Capitalization
  • Governance
  • How to market the co-op advantage
  • Legal and risk
  • Member engagement

In addition, you’ll work with dedicated coaches to help build out your team’s business and ownership canvases.



Co-operate Now is an in-person co-operative business education program, which includes an intensive four-day series of courses and an online pre-session component.  Simply put, it’s the go-to co-operative enterprise training program, now in its 10th year, that provides prospective co-operators an opportunity to learn from seasoned co-op experts and others on how to successfully develop a co-operative business.



As one of the only in-person intensive training programs of its kind Co-operate Now provides:

  • An introduction to co-op enterprises
  • Information and resources to finance your co-op enterprise
  • Connections to legal and financial services experts who are passionate about co-ops
  • Details on marketing the co-op advantage
  • Sessions with co-op entrepreneurs who can share their successes and failures
  • Connections to potential mentors
  • Networking opportunities with the BC Co-op Association and Upper Columbia Co-op Council members
  • Interactive and engaging in-person sessions to work through your group’s ownership and business canvasses
  • Follow-up coaching support


The BCCA will be accepting applications on an ongoing basis. Please know that this is an application form. Applications will be reviewed upon submission, and all applicants will be contacted for a follow-up to confirm eligibility, and to discuss fees and schedules. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Marla at



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For further information, please connect with us directly at  Co-operate Now or call 604.662.3906.