Are your members and staff getting the full picture?

An active, engaged, and informed membership and staff community is critical to the success and sustainability of your co-op. We offer educational workshops, training, resources, and consultation services that can help you build literacy around the co-operative model, cultivate a sense of co-operative identity, and boost participation among your membership. Read more about what we offer here.

Co-ops 101 Workshops

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Co-ops 101 workshops/webinars are a perfect introduction to the structure and advantages of the co-operative model for new or potential members and staff. These 90-minute facilitated workshops cover the basics of everything from the history of the co-operative model to the various types of co-ops, to why co-operation matters in today’s context. Workshops are facilitated by our Co-operative Education Co-ordinator and include the presentation, discussion, activity, and Q&A. 


Over the years, BCCA has developed a number of educational resources that we are happy to share with our members to support them in their education, training, and informational needs (Co-operative Principle #5!). E-mail our Co-operative Education Coordinator at madelyn@bcca.ccop to access these resources.

Consultation Services

BCCA offers Co-operative Education consulting services for co-operatives with specific education, training, and informational needs. We work with you to identify opportunities to leverage Co-operative Education in your co-operative and develop specific programs, content, and strategies for building co-operative literacy and engagement among your membership, management, staff, or stakeholder community. For example, we can help you develop or adapt a customized member onboarding/training program, develop informational content, or build out an education program integrated into your co-operative’s activities. Please get in touch with us directly at to discuss your idea for developing co-operative educational components for your co-op!

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Please fill out the form below to let us know which of the above services you are interested in. Our Co-operative Education Coordinator, Iva Jankovic, will follow up with you to further discuss your particular educational needs, interests, and goals to help craft the service that will be most impactful for you and your membership community.