Advocacy is a central component of the BC Co-op Association’s work. As a province-wide umbrella organization and a non-partisan voice for all co-ops in BC, we focus on advocacy activities and initiatives that can benefit our members and strengthen the co-op sector.

Our skilled, experienced team initiates and leads lobbying activities to educate the academic and business community about the co-op sector, and to change government policies. We also participate in nation-wide advocacy campaigns with other provincial co-op associations.


At a large scale, we aim to educate the business community, academic community, government, and the general public about co-operatives. We use cross promotions, marketing campaigns and engagement tools like our Co-op Cafe to raise awareness and bust the myths around co-op businesses. We want to highlight what makes co-ops unique in the business world, and promote the immense value we bring to many local communities across BC.


As advocates for all co-ops in BC, we:

  • Help both small and large BC Co-op Association members with one-on-one advocacy support, to navigate business challenges or government policies and regulations
  • Address advocacy and lobbying needs from members as they come up
  • Promote the BC Co-op Association brand to raise visibility
  • Budget lock-up once a year

Key Initiatives

Learn more about our current key initiative – investment co-op regulation changes

Government Relations

We’re currently lobbying the BC government to provide us with access to more information about co-ops in BC.

For more information and to get involved, contact us.