Building a Co-operative Economy
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Mission, Vision, & Values


To build a co-operative economy that promotes social and economic justice and advances the well-being of British Columbians and their communities.


BCCA is the voice of the BC co-op movement and strives to build a co-operative economy that unites and mobilizes co-operatives as a leading force for progressive economic, social, and environmental change.

Through our work, we will advance a vision of society that is caring, creative, and humane. We will realize our vision while embracing the international co-operative principles, and by creating a workplace that inspires staff through our core values of mutual respect, trust, co-operation, and excellence.

Core Values

At BCCA, we actively seek to build trust, co-operation, and accountability through our work and relationships. We embrace difference, foster respect and bring passion to all we do, and we strive for excellence as an overarching goal of the organization.

We define our core values as follows:

Trust: believing in the fairness, goodwill and good intentions of others; a desire to lower the barriers and competition between people; willing to be open to others without fear and to work collaboratively for the greater good of all.

Respect: taking others seriously and giving their thoughts, ideas, and feelings value; making others feel valued and secure; being considerate of others' wishes, ideas, needs and preferences; voluntarily helping others; listening carefully; experiencing humility.

Co-operation: seeking agreement and accommodating differences; sharing skills and knowledge; working together toward common goals; minimizing competition; sharing others' successes and disappointments; finding ways to meet each others' needs.

Accountability: taking responsibility for our actions; meeting agreed-on goals on time; providing evidence of effectiveness; pro-actively providing accurate, timely information; explaining decisions; being responsible for performance and results.

Inclusiveness: embracing differences; actively removing barriers to full participation; meeting diverse needs; creating a sense of belonging and importance; sharing power and voice; striving to represent the people and communities we serve; seeking out and listening to under-represented voices.

Passion: acting in accordance with our most strongly held beliefs, ideas, feelings, and values; living and working with enthusiasm, creativity, and pleasure; experiencing and responding to feelings; having the courage of our convictions and the confidence to take risks; feeling inspired.

Excellence: nurturing and sustaining innovation and invention; achieving quality in our work, relationships, and outcomes; delivering on our values and vision; driving for better services to members; strengthening our credibility among members, decision-makers, and the public; delivering tangible results.