Take part in the BCCA AGM Scavenger Hunt!

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BCCA is adding a new dimension to our Annual General Meeting registration by offering you a chance to win some great prizes with the BCCA AGM Scavenger Hunt!

When you register for the BCCA AGM, you’ll find a spot to answer these super easy Scavenger Hunt Questions. All you need to do to find out the answers is visit our website at bcca.coop and follow the hints!

Here are the questions:

#1: This year, like many other co-ops, BCCA had to delay its Annual General Meeting. When does BCCA usually hold its AGM? (Hint: Check out the “Membership” tab on the website)

#2: BCCA has launched a new tool, Buddy Up!, to help our co-op and community members connect with each other to find the help they need, exchange knowledge and resources, and share ideas. If you are looking to share an idea on the Buddy Board, what colour would you use? (Hint: search for “Buddy Up” on the BCCA website)

#3: In March 2020, BCCA launched the “We are Co-ops” story series, where we profile our diverse membership and demonstrate the innovations and flexibility the co-op model supports and enables. Which of the following co-ops was NOT featured in a We are Co-ops feature? (Hint: visit BC Co-op News and check the We are Co-ops category)

#4: BCCA recently launched the Board Governance Workshops, an online workshop that is customized for board-specific issues. Which of the following topics are covered in the workshop? (Hint: visit the Programs and Services tab on our website)

#5: BCCA has recently revealed the results of the Co-operate Now! Program review. Which of the following statements from the review is NOT true? (Hint: visit the BC Co-op News tab on our website)

#6: BCCA was seeking candidates for Board vacancies for two-year terms. How many vacancies are there for the 2020-2022 term? (Hint: visit the BC Co-op News tab on our website)

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  • The BCCA AGM Scavenger Hunt is only available to BCCA members registering for the BCCA Annual General Meeting.
  • Everyone who completes the Scavenger Hunt questions (even if answers are wrong) are entered into a prize draw.
  • Everyone who answers all Scavenger Hunt questions correctly receives a bonus entry.
  • You will have an opportunity to answer the Scavenger Hunt questions as part of your registration.