BC Co-op Meetups Seeking Discussion Topics

BC Co-operatives

BC Co-op Meetups are an opportunity and platform for co-ops to come together and share their knowledge and insight, spark new ideas, and help each other grow and flourish. Our members are a diverse group. Subsequently, each sector they represent, at times, is faced with unique challenges that would benefit from a connection with like-minded co-ops… Enter the BC Co-op Meetups. So, to best support our members and provide the supports they require, BC Co-op Meetups is seeking discussion topics.

Co-operative principles are guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice. To put principle six into best-practice, BCCA is organizing and hosting sector-specific meet-ups. (Learn more about the 7 Principles)

The BC Co-op Meetups will be on Zoom. This platform will provide optimal access for co-ops across the province and the same sector to convene, share ideas, ask questions, and participate in a facilitated discussion surrounding best practices. These sessions are customized to identify critical issues and potential problems. And time is scheduled to provide an opportunity for discussion about sector-specific topics.

Are you looking to connect with other co-ops in your sector? Have an intriguing or pressing item for discussion? Please call the BCCA office at 604.662.3906 or email membership@bcca.coop.