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Co-ops can help local governments that are invested in raising community capital

(Part 1 of 4 articles exploring mechanisms to raise community capital for local economic development)

The City of Vancouver recently announced a new initiative passed by council on July 25th that will see the development of a new Vancouver Entrepreneur Fund. According to the Mayor’s office blog, the fund will be “an arms-length venture capital fund that will raise private investment to support emerging start-up companies in Vancouver”, and will be delivered through the Vancouver Economic Commission.

Common Thread gives Mauril a colourful send-off


(Part 4: Final report of Mauril Bélanger's tour of co-ops across Vancouver)

Co-op Radio confirms that co-ops got soul

(Part 3: Mauril Bélanger's tour of co-ops in Vancouver)

Hopping into our Modo carsharing van, we headed off from the Athletes Village to the brand new location and home of Co-op Radio, 100.5 FM.

We were greeted by Marc Lindy, the chair of the board of directors that has been with the organization for the past 9 years.

The Athlete's Village Housing Co-op gives Mauril a warm welcome

(Part 2: Mauril Bélanger's tour of co-ops in Vancouver)

The rain was drizzling and the skies were grey, but the Saturday tour continued to be lit up with the warm welcome from co-ops.

Liberal Advocate for Co-ops gets to see co-ops shine in Rain City

(Part one of a four-part series featuring Mauril Belanger’s tour of co-ops in Vancouver)

Discussions of the east west disconnect often plagues political debates in Canada.

After BCCA’s recent visit with the MP for Ottawa-Vanier (also Liberal Advocate for Coops), Mauril Bélanger, he proved that as far as co-ops are concerned, that rhetoric can be put to rest.