Member survey results – what you told us

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Earlier in 2023 we sent out a Member Satisfaction survey to each of BCCA’s 98 members. The survey this year was short and (hopefully!) sweet – we wanted to know:

1. how satisfied you are with your BCCA membership.

2. what your organizational priorities are in 2023.

3. how BCCA can assist you in reaching your goals.

We reached out to members to encourage completion of the survey prior to the March 31 deadline. And most of you did so! Thank you for your engagement. The information you provided will be invaluable as we work to meet your needs as an association and advance the co-operative sector in BC. 

Survey Highlights 

  • 56 of 98 BCCA members, or 57% of the total membership, responded to the Member Satisfaction survey. This response rate is well beyond the average rate of engagement for these surveys, and shattered last year’s numbers, when only 15 members responded. 
  • When asked “how satisfied are you with you BCCA membership?” members provided a range of answers ranging from 2/10 to 10/10, with the large majority falling in the 7/10 to 10/10 range. The average score was 7.55/10. This tells us that while most members are reasonably satisfied with their BCCA membership, we have some room for improvement.  
  • When asked “What is one of the top goals for your co-operative in 2023” the most common response was “growing membership”. Nearly 1/3 of all responders listed this as a primary goal in this open-ended question. Some of the other common priorities that emerged were a desire for members to promote awareness of their co-operative and/or the sector, better engaging with members, increasing sales, and improving operations. 
  •  When asked “How can BCCA help you achieving this goal?” members provided a variety of answers and suggestions. The most common being variations of “provide opportunities for members to network”, “continue to advocate on behalf of the sector”, and “increase co-op education”. 


Thank you again for engaging with us by providing your thoughts and suggestions in the Member Satisfaction Survey. The feedback was thoughtful and insightful and will inform our strategies moving forward.