Welcome New Members – August 2022

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We’d like to welcome BCCA’s newest members – Create Exchange Co-operative, O.U.R. Eco Village, Read Island Community Co-operative, and Pathways Archeological Consulting! Here’s a little information about the latest members of BCCA’s family:


Creative Exchange Co-operative

The purpose of Creative Exchange is to support the community of creative people that enrich the cultural, social, and economic fabric of Nelson and area. They aim to provide safe, affordable & sustainable workspaces and serve as creative business incubators and promote community & tourist engagement.

O.U.R EcoVillage

One United Resource (OUR) ECOVILLAGE is a Regenerative community…for a change! OUR ECOVILLAGE is a 25-acre living forest and permaculture farm hosting a thriving experience-based learning community that builds sustainable relationships with the earth and others. Our vision is sustainable well-being for the land, ourselves, and our worldwide village.

Pathways Archeological Consulting

The purpose of the Pathways Archaeological Cooperative (PAC) is to provide consulting services in the domain of Cultural Resource Management (CRM). Such services include, but are not limited to, archaeological assessments and geomatics.  The raison d’être of the association rests upon four guiding principles:  1. The association has an obligation to preserve the physical and psychological well-being of its members; 2. the associative nature of PAC stresses the commitment of its members to foster a view of cultural items and archaeological remains that goes beyond that of mere commercial commodities, 3. PAC intends to pursue research endeavours in the domain of regional and global archaeology both directly, through the use of its own resources, and indirectly, by supporting its members and external collaborators who share the same goal, and 4. PAC upholds that archaeological remains are testimonies of past human behaviours and beliefs lato sensu. This view commands that all aspects of PAC’s operations be guided by a great concern for neutrality.

Read Island Community Co-operative

Read Island Community Co-operative is a small, for-profit co-op that aims to keep forestry jobs on Read Island by purchasing, milling and selling local timber that would otherwise be exported. We want to increase sustainability of forestry and provide local jobs and products.