We Are Co-ops: Peace Energy Cooperative

Welcome to our newest series We Are Co-ops in which we profile our diverse membership and demonstrate the innovation the flexible co-op model supports and enables!


Meet one of our newest members, Peace Energy Cooperative (Peace Energy). Based in Dawson Creek, BC, Peace Energy is the first for-profit renewable energy community investment co-op (CIC) of its kind in Western Canada (2003). The co-op’s 540+ members are unified through a common vision of a clean energy world filled hope and opportunity. Through their members they raise capital to invest in renewable energy infrastructure that provides a financial return to their member/investors. Their market focus is the Peace River bioregion with offices in both Dawson Creek, BC and Peace River, AB.

Their impressive portfolio of wind and solar projects includes:

  • Bear Mountain, BC’s first commercial wind facility, 102 megawatts near Dawson Creek;
  • Hudson’s Hope Solar Initiative – transforming the community of Hudson’s Hope in northeastern BC into the province’s leading solar powered municipality;
  • Some 100 personal home solar panel installations;
  • and more.

Peace Energy is also currently working on a 7,000-panel solar farm proposal. Located near the Peace River Regional Airport, this community-owned solar farm will feed enough electricity into the local grid to power 350 homes, will integrate sustainable agriculture with sustainable energy, and will be entirely owned and operated by the co-operative and its member/investors.

Learn more about Peace Energy and the work this amazing renewable energy CIC is up to on their website.



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