Co-op Meetup: Assessing Your Co-operative Strategy

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On May 28, BCCA was proud to host John Kay of Realize Strategies Co-op as he discussed measures co-ops can take to review their strategy to determine if it is functioning or if it is time to pivot.

During his presentation, John provided insightful questions you can ask to assess your business, including thinking about why you set up your co-operative in the first place, why you exist, and what makes you different. He then outlined how you can look at your current strategy and identify indicators that suggest your strategy isn’t working and identify what is preventing you from delivering on your “why.”

Watch the full video recording of our Co-op Meetup: Assessing Your Co-operative Strategy, along with other webinars, on our YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for information and advice on your co-operative strategy, contact Realize Strategies Co-op.