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Otter Co-op – a fixture in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley since 1922 and now located in Greater Vancouver and the Interior – is a diverse and growing organization. Today, Otter Co-op has close to 800 team members and operates:

  • 3 food and pharmacy, fashion and hardware stores,
  • 26 Angry Otter liquor stores,
  • 2 feed mills,
  • 11 gas stations
  • 2 pubs
  • 2 bulk petroleum facilities, and
  • 1 feed and hardware store

Organizations across Western Canada use the CO-OP® brand. These organizations operate Co-op Agro Centres, Food Stores, Gas Bars/Convenience Stores, Home Centres, Pharmacies, and more. Otter Co-op is a member of this network.

Members own and independently operate each association. Accordingly, members democratically elect a local board of directors to govern the business. The Co-op brand is built on the idea of being truly local, and the promise of staying that way.

Associations may appear to be similar and often work together under the Co-op banner. However, each association works for the benefit of its respective members and communities. This is why locations across Western Canada – the way they’re operated and the products and services they offer – are slightly different. It’s a Co-op thing.