Welcome Litzy Baeza

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We are excited to welcome Litzy Baeza to the team. Litzy will be leading the 50-30 Challenge Project with the Alberta Community and Co-operative Association and she and Michelle Tsutsumi, with the BC Co-operative Association, will be co-facilitating the JEDDI in Co-ops Community of Practice sessions.

Here is a bit more about Litzy:

Litzy is the Co-Visionary for Architequity, an Afridescendant and Latin American women-owned and led international and organizational development cooperative based in Canada, specializing in the application of varied equity-based frameworks and analyses. Sshe has worked in the field of international education for the past 20 years managing a variety of projects overseas, primarily in Latin America. Presently, Litzy is a full-time equity, diversity, and inclusion consultant & educator. She also teaches Cultural Intelligence for college students, develops curriculum and programs related to EDI, helps implement and develop EDI strategies with various organizations across Canada, and also works on international development projects as a gender equity specialist.  Besides her native English, Litzy is fluent in Spanish and has lived and worked in Chile, Mexico, and Cuba.