Donate Now to Help the Ukrainian People

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The situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more dire.  And as the conflict escalates, so does the impact on millions of people as they helplessly watch their country rapidly deteriorate and face the reality of living in a war zone. And as the situation continues to deteriorate essential goods and services – such as food, medicine, water, and electricity – are becoming scarce.

The BCCA and our member institutions have watched the ongoing crisis with growing concern and alarm. We, too, have felt a degree of helplessness as the situation continues to spiral out of control. Thankfully, though, WE CAN do something in support of the Ukrainian people by donating to the Co-op Development Foundation of Canada (CDF), who have set up a special fundraising campaign.

Funds raised through this initiative will go to assisting those Ukrainians impacted by the conflict, with a special focus on women and families who are often left on their own to keep themselves and their children safe. CDF Canada is in constant contact with the team on the ground, working closely with them to ensure they do all that they can to help. After assisting women and children, the funds will be used to assist CDF Canada’s partner co-ops and credit unions and their members and families.

Co-operatives have a long-standing history of helping members in need and are often the only source of funding for small farmers and agricultural producers.  In Ukraine alone, there are more than 400,000 credit union members.  Your donations today will help rebuild their lives and country tomorrow.

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