Building Capacity through Shared Services

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Capacity through Shared Services

What if capacity could be built through a managed shared services model? Imagine access to relevant, reliable and relatable industry professionals who understand the needs and pressures you face. 

For civil society organizations – co-operatives, nonprofits and social enterprises to thrive in today’s economy, finding and retaining the best level of service is vital. Retaining top talent is especially challenging for smaller social enterprises competing with organizations with larger budgets and greater recruiting avenues. 

The Right Amount of Support. The Right People.

The ACCESS team recognizes that co-operatives and nonprofits require efficient and effective back-office administration and management to be successful. But the task involved in beginning the search to find… just the right amount of support… from just the right people – can be daunting.

ACCESS Provides the Support You Need.

A shared services delivery model like ACCESS helps minimize the budgetary and capacity demands of its members’ technical and administrative tasks. Through the sharing of back-office administrative and professional services, members of ACCESS can better achieve economies of scale, access to qualified and harmonious support and better-streamlined processes – ultimately relieving pressures on their efforts to deliver on their core missional objectives.

ACCESS recognizes that effective resource allocation is a challenge facing both entirely volunteer-led civil society organizations and those with large numbers of paid staff. Both often require specialized expertise for more complex work that is simply beyond the capacity of a current team member to complete. Using ACCESS’s co-aligned vendors provides expert help as needed can be a highly efficient way to get precisely the amount of skilled support required.

Current services offerings: 

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Managed IT Services

Help Build Capacity

“Accessibility, alignment, and flexibility are key to the development of our new services, and we have several new services in development,” said Corinne Remple, Director of Shared Services.”However, we endeavour to build, seek and adapt to feedback from our potential and current clients. Your inquiries and suggestions are essential to the ACCESS team.”

Are you interested in connecting with ACCESS about available services or providing direction about other services you may need? Please connect at