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Our 2022 Annual General Meeting was held in Vancouver and online on June 2. Over sixty members attended the event, where we celebrated our shared successes over the past year and identified areas where we can advocate on our members’ behalf to decision-makers on issues impacting the co-operative sector.


Approved 2022 Policy Issues


Issue #1 – Liquor Sales Marketing Restrictions

Recommended Action – Advocate for Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch and/or the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General for regulatory changes to the Liquor Control and Licensing Act to allow Otter Co-op to retail liquor under its co-op brand.

Issue #2 –  Canadian Resident Majority Board Composition Requirements

Recommended Action – Advocate for an amendment to the Co-operative Association Act to remove or alter the requirement for a board majority of Canadian residents. While full removal of the restriction would allow for the greatest growth potential, adjusting the requirement down would retain the original intent of the law and still open potential for international growth.

Issue #3 – Co-op Enterprise Registration

Recommended Action – Advocate to BC Registries and Online Services and the Ministry of Citizen’s Services to ensure business structure options on its web portal include a co-operative option, and advocate to the Canadian Revenue Agency and the federal department of Finance to ensure co-operatives have the option of applying online for a business number.