For the fourth year in a row, BCCA has partnered with Vancity and more than a dozen BC co-ops and credit unions in BC to launch Cooperate Now, an interactive business skills bootcamp for entrepreneurs or community members interested in building a co-op enterprise.


  • Bursaries may be available for individuals who need financial assistance to attend.

We are now accepting applications for the next Cooperate Now program, which will be held November 14-17, 2019 in Vancouver, BC.

What is Cooperate Now?

  • A four-day intensive co-operative business education program
  • Through interactive sessions, students connect with leaders from the vibrant co-operative sector in BC, including the BC Co-op Association, Vancity Credit Union, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Co-operators Insurance Agencies, CCEC Credit Union, the BC Libraries Co-op, Modo, and many others
  • Leaders take participants through the micro and macro levels of building a co-operative enterprise, and the advantages and challenges of different co-op models

Cooperate Now Benefits

We’re excited to offer all kinds of information and value to participants, including:

  • An introduction to co-op enterprises
  • Information about financing a co-op enterprise
  • Connections to legal and financial services experts who are passionate about co-ops
  • Details on marketing the co-op advantage
  • Sessions with co-op entrepreneurs who can share their successes and failures
  • Connections to potential mentors
  • Networking opportunities with the BC Co-op Association network
  • An interactive session to prepare a co-op business plan

For more information about this year’s Cooperate Now, please email