BCCA Governance Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is for registrants of the BCCA Governance Workshops to help customize the session. Please do not complete this form if you are not already registered for a Governance Workshop.
  • Please provide on a scale of 1-5 (1 meaning confident, 5 meaning not confident at all), how confident you are with your board capacity regarding the following:

  • Our program includes nine topics within a 90 minute session. To further customise your session, you can extend by 30 minutes and choose an additional two add-ons from the list below (no additional charge).

    Included topics are: 1. Introductions and Session Overview 2. What is Governance? 3. Why is Co-op Governance unique? 4. Different Types of Co-ops – Non-Profit, Traditional, Second Tier 5. Different Types of Boards 6. Hallmarks of Effective Co-op Governance 7. Roles and Responsibilities of Board and board/management 8. Challenges & Pitfalls in Co-op Governance 9. Risk mitigation and management