BCCA is proud to offer Board Governance Workshops!

These workshops include:
  • A PDF workbook to capture your notes
  • An interactive 90 minute live virtual workshop covering various topics, including:
    • What is governance?
    • Why is co-op governance unique?
    • Different types of co-ops – non-profit, traditional, second tier
    • Different types of boards
    • Hallmarks of effective co-op governance
    • Roles and responsibilities of Board
    • Challenges and pitfalls in co-op governance
  • Video for replay
The Board Governance Workshops are facilitated by BC’s co-op experts:
  • Decades of experience with co-op board governance in BC
  • Informed by real-life, current co-op examples and insights
The workshops feature:
  • Consultation prior to workshop for customization and to identify key issues/questions
  • Time for discussion on board-specific issues
  • Post-workshop coaching available
This workshop is for:
  • Executive Directors of Co-ops
  • Board Chairs
  • Board Committees
  • Board Directors
Cost is $500 for BCCA members, $750 for non-members

For more information and to book your workshop, contact membership@bcca.coop