Experience a better way to bank.

Switch your paycheque direct deposits to a BC credit union today and get $200*!

The BCCA has partnered with Credit Unions of BC to offer individuals a $200 cash card for switching from a bank to a credit union for their paycheque direct deposits.

For Individuals

Individuals who live and work in BC who have added paycheque direct deposit to their new credit union accounts can get their $200 cash card by emailing the Credit Unions of BC at hello@creditunionsofbc.com.

For BCCA Members

If requested by a BCCA co-op member, Credit Unions of BC will hold an orientation session, either in person or through a conference call, for the co-op’s employees who want to take advantage of the $200 incentive.

Cash cards will be provided to the co-operative to distribute to its employees who make the switch. Credit Unions of BC will even add the co-op’s logo to their cash cards!

Why Join a Credit Union?

Member Owned

  • Just like any co-operative, credit unions are member owned
  • Every credit union member is required to purchase a share (usually $5) which provides him/her with an equal vote, equal share and equal say

First Class Service

  • Each credit union member is entitled to the very best – including the best rates, perks and offers available
  • Credit unions treat all their members equally, so members never have to wonder if they’re getting the best offers possible
  • Credit unions regularly receive accolades and service excellence awards for member satisfaction

Community Involvement

  • When credit unions profit, they give the proceeds back to their members
 and the community at large
  • Members benefit either through dividends or free products and services, while the community benefits from scholarships, sponsorships, and charitable giving

Deposit Guarantee

  • Credit union deposits are protected and guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (CUDIC).

It’s simple to join a BC Credit Union

  • Visit https://creditunionsofbc.com/find-your-branch to find a credit union near you
  • Open a new credit union account and add paycheque direct deposit
  • If you’re employed by a BCCA co-op member and you received a cash card, visit your nearest credit union branch and give them the card
  • Receive $200 in your account once paycheque direct deposit has been confirmed

*You must add payroll direct deposit to your new credit union account to receive the $200 incentive.