Are your students getting the full picture?

The future of the economy in BC – and the rest of Canada – rests on our ability to be innovative, adaptive, and responsive to changing conditions. This is where the co-operative business model has the advantage and why we want to help you adapt your business programs to include co-ops as part of your curriculum.

BCCA’s Co-ops in Schools Program aims to advance awareness and engagement around the co-operative model among youth as they pursue post-secondary educations, enter future careers, and become the next generation of leaders. The Co-ops in Schools Program provides post-secondary educators with content, resources, and curriculum supplements designed to introduce post-secondary students to the co-operative model and business practices and spark interest in further involvement in the sector. These offerings are designed to address course objectives and enrich student’s understanding of course materials by providing a new perspective and examples of co-operatives at work in today’s context.

Read more about workshops, curriculum supplements and topic modules available here.


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For further information on how you can build co-ops into your program, please contact Iva Jankovic, our Co-operative Education Coordinator, by email or call 604-365-9884.