If you believe that co-ops are the future, help us spread the word!

The Co-op Champions program provides resources, training and network support for co-operative enthusiasts delivering co-op educational programming in community-based learning spaces. Co-op Champions are educators, co-op practitioners, students, academics, business leaders, community organizers and anyone else who is passionate about co-ops and has a relationship with a community that could benefit from learning about co-operatives. Co-op Champions help us reach a wider audience with our co-operative education program and plant seeds today for a stronger movement tomorrow.

What does it involve?

  • Delivering workshops, webinars or other educational programming about co-ops in your local learning context.
  • Facilitating connections with local learning centers to help us deepen co-op educational partnerships across the country and reach more learners.
  • Helping to co-design shared teaching resources with BCCA, ACCA and other co-op champions.
  • Optional participation in bi-monthly network discussions to share knowledge and support.

What support do we provide?

  • Presentation and activity templates
  • Tips and training for program delivery
  • Ongoing support to adapt and deliver educational programming
  • A network of knowledgeable folks from across the co-op sector and academia

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