Are you a working professional in the co-op or credit union sector? We invite you to be a part of the change to a more co-op literate generation and a stronger co-operative economy.

What is a mentor?

Mentorship is a mutually beneficial educational opportunity between experienced professionals from the co-op and credit union sector with post-secondary students. The CIS Mentorship Program encourages personal growth and career development that contributes to a new generation of co-operators and a stronger co-operative economy.

As a working professional from a local credit union or co-operative business, you will be responsive to the learning needs of your youth mentee. Your focus is on being a guide during the student’s transition from classroom to the working world.

Effective mentorship involves two key pieces: time and willingness to listen. Each relationship will be unique and based on the student’s own development goals at the time. Mentors and mentees will discuss what the student’s goals and expectations for the mentorship will be in your first one-on-one meeting together. The BCCA will provide guiding questions to ensure that both mentors and mentees have context to build a successful relationship. The BCCA is available to support the mentorship program at any time, if and when needed.

Mentor Expectations

  • Meet with your mentee
  • Attend a kickoff networking event with other mentors and students
  • Discuss goals and expectations and support your mentee to achieve them
  • Follow up with mentee when contacted
  • Maintain professionalism and act as a role model
  • Participate in the end-of-program survey

Mentor Possibilities

  • Invite mentee to events or professional development opportunities
  • Invite mentee to office/ workplace to meet with others
  • Arrange job shadowing opportunities to explore career options

For more information on getting involved,
contact Lisa Furfaro BCCA Program Manager
Phone: 604.662.3906 ex. 4   Email: