Vancouver Artists Labour Union Cooperative

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Democratically operated by our artist-members, we are value driven and believe in empowering artists and cultural workers through fair, secure, and flexible employment that supports artists to do what they do best—make art. We strive to do our work and organizing in an intersectional and anti-oppressive framework that supports our members’ needs, and which contributes meaningfully to our communities.

We are proud to be both a fully unionized organization, and a democratically run workers co-operative—an innovative new organizing model. VALU CO-OP’s founding team are also the founding members of the union which represents them: The Arts and Cultural Workers Union (ACWU), IATSE Local B-778, established in January 2020.

We produce high quality, sustainably made campaign materials and creative services at our Chinatown Studio; including buttons, stickers, graphic totes and t-shirts, and a range of print services.