North Peace Savings & Credit Union

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

North Peace Savings and Credit
Union (NPSCU) is a democratic, ethical and innovative provider of
financial services to its members. Founded in 1947 to provide financial
services to people from all walks of life, NPSCU has grown to become a
major financial institution serving the people of northern British

is committed to doing business in a way that strengthens its own
long-term success while contributing to the social, economic and
environmental well being of the community. We are committed to
delivering real solutions to help our members and community achieve
their financial goals. Not only do our members have a say in the future
of the credit union, but they also have a share in its earnings.

Great service….

At North Peace Savings and Credit Union we believe that people are
important, that’s why we strive to meet the needs of our members
everyday. Great service goes beyond offering great products; it also
takes a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff

that go the extra mile.

Members have a say….

North Peace Savings and Credit Union is member-owned, which means you
have a say in how your Credit Union is run. Members vote at our Annual
General Meeting for a democratically elected Board of Directors. The
Board of Directors make decisions on what is best for our membership
and the Credit Union as a whole.

Sharing in North Peace Savings and Credit Union’s Success….

Being a member means our success is your success. Each year, based on
the year-end financial results of the Credit Union, the Board gives
back to the membership in the form of dividends and patronage rebates.
The more business you have with us, the greater your share of the

Community Involvement….

North Peace Savings and Credit Union has a sincere and dedicated
commitment to the betterment and development of our community. This
commitment is embraced and demonstrated by our Management, Staff, and
Board of Directors.