Kootenay Soulfood Cooperative

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Kootenay Soulfood Cooperative in the Baker Hotel
We are a farm to table whole foods restaurant serving 100% local and/or organic food and beverage. Almost everything we serve is made in house from the soda to the ketchup. We offer a full service breakfast, lunch, dinner and some late nights out of our restaurant Soulfood and we have just launched a grab & go cafe and market that we are calling Little Soul Cafe & Market. Our dreams are to have a full on organic sourdough bakery, market, soda brewery and frozen food line. We also would like to purchase our own land in the next 10 years to grow some of our own food and raise some of our own animals!
Our mission is to support local farmers, create meaningful work and build a community around good food.

1017 Baker St Cranbrook, BC
V1C 1A6

(located inside the historic Mount Baker Hotel)