Khalsa Credit Union

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Khalsa Credit Union was registered on February 19,1986 as a religious
bond financial institution to provide financial services to the Sikh

A credit union is a financial cooperative organized by the
people who share a common bond. It is a unique type of business owned
and controlled by its members. The members pool their financial assets
to provide themselves funds for loans and a wide variety of other
financial services.

Khalsa Credit Union’s first branch was opened in
Vancouver on April 1, 1986, second in Surrey on October 11, 1987, third
in Abbotsford on January 30, 1989, fourth branch in Guildford on
September 27,1993 and fifth branch was opened on August 19,1996 in
Victoria on Vancouver Island.

All branches have been relocated to
larger premises to meet the ever-increasing growth and its member’s
needs. Credit Union has its own building in Surrey, BC for head office
and a branch on Scott road. Khalsa Credit Union also owns a building in Vancouver, BC on Fraser Street, to house its Vancouver Branch.

The overall unity of our Sikh community has been another key factor in
setting the credit union on such a solid base in fulfillment of the
Mission set by the founding Board of Directors and members. The influx
of Sikhs into British Columbia is through traditional immigration from
other countries, notably India, and through transfers from other
provinces of Canada, like Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

The mission of Khalsa Credit Union is to provide a range of quality
financial services to our Sikh members; promote Sikh educational,
cultural, economic and religious upliftment of our members in the
Khalsa spirit. As a closed bond member controlled association, we will

  • maintain a financially sound organization
  • be responsive to the needs of our members
  • be environmentally conscious and
  • be a community spirited organization

The future looks very bright for Khalsa Credit Union and the Sikh
community in British Columbia. Our community is secured and prosperous,
progressing in various directions providing testimony to the financial
strength of both the credit union and the community at large.