East End Food Co-op

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

The East End Food Co-operative is Vancouver’s
only consumer-owned grocery store. We serve the local community. Varied
Members interests and concerns link us to groups involved with the
politics of food, the environment, other communities, and much more. We
are part of a growing wave of economic, political and food

in 1975 the Co-op initially operated as a volunteer-run buying club in
a warehouse location at a time when it was hard to get natural foods,
particularly in bulk. The objective was to put food shopping profits in
local pockets. Today, the store is professionally managed and run by
unionized staff.

The East End Food Co-op is governed by a volunteer Board of
Directors who serve to represent the interests of members by upholding
the ideals set out in the co-op’s official mission. These are:

  • To
    distribute high-quality nutritious food and products in order to foster
    health and vitality in the community, and to reflect an optimum number
    of healthful affordable choices for our members and the community at
  • To associate with other co-operatives, and to advance the co-operative movement under the Principles of Co-operation

is regulated by the British Columbia Co-operative Association Act and
must report annually to the Superintendent of Co-operatives with the
British Columbia Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations.

Our constitution and bylaws set out official proceedings for members, directors and staff.

As a co-operative we are also guided by principles that underscore the tradition of sharing resources and ideas.