BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Devco supports and develops Canadian co-operatives. We enable you to contribute to your community’s vitality using co-operative models. We see Co-operation as a framework for transforming social, economic and environmental activity so that communities are at the center rather than on the margins.

Devco provides the information and guidance co-ops need to get the best possible start on the road to sustainability. We also assist older co-ops to achieve their goals more effectively. Our training enables Community Economic Development practitioners to become excellent co-op developers. Devco designs and implements complete development for co-op projects.

We provide consultation and training on all aspects of co-op development. From initial market research and financial planning through to incorporation, launch and operations, we work with your board and members to create and maintain a successful co-op.

Some of our services include:

  • Providing initial consultation to groups or individuals who have an idea for a co-op
  • Preparing business plans in consultation with co-op steering committees
  • Facilitating strategic and business planning
  • Assisting potential members with the design and implementation of their complete co-op development plans
  • Guiding change management for existing co-ops
  • Providing organizational training to build group capacity for co-op implementation and management
  • Delivering follow-up evaluation and assistance for groups that have launched their co-op

Devco also offers training programs and other curricula for staff of economic and community development organizations.