BC Co-op Membership Profile |

Concentra Financial is a credit union company and an integral part of the
Canadian co-operative financial system. Through leadership and partnership,
Concentra seeks to advance the credit union system. Partnering with credit
unions and other organizations, nationally, Concentra delivers value added
services and specialized solutions to enhance our partners’ competitive
advantage and success.

At Concentra, strong relationships, innovation, collaboration and
exceptional service connect us with our partners. The solutions we deliver are
tailored to meet unique needs and objectives. We provide value to our partners
by simplifying business operations, expanding product offerings and providing
specialized expertise through access to:

  • Corporate Financial Services
  • Trust Services
  • Corporate Banking

Corporate Financial Services provides solutions to support credit unions’
daily financial operations and liquidity management through innovative deposit,
investment and loan services. These solutions include asset securitization,
loan syndication and derivative offerings as well as other wholesale solutions.
Strategic financial management solutions are available to enhance a credit
union’s overall financial performance.

Corporate Financial Services also provides nationwide solutions to partner
credit unions and other referral agents in the retail mortgage and deposit
markets through access to alternate mortgage origination processes, deposit
warehousing and administration services. Credit unions can take advantage of
unique programs specifically designed to meet their needs for liquidity management
and out of province mortgage registrations.

Personal and corporate trust solutions are delivered nationwide by Concentra
Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentra Financial. Will planning and
estate administration, essential components in a comprehensive wealth
management relationship, are at the core of the personal trust services offered
in partnership with credit unions. Our corporate trustee services enable credit
unions and corporations to use the trust company’s trustee powers to facilitate
the delivery of registered plans, employee benefit plans and other business