CCEC Credit Union

BC Co-op Membership Profile |

In 1974 a group of people active in daycare, consumer and
housing co-operatives met to discuss the problems of raising capital for their
organizations. The capital in the community was not accessible to them because
their financial institutions were unwilling to provide the needed financial
services. The group decided to pool their organizations’ money and form a
financial institution that was committed to community economic development.

CCEC Credit Union was founded by the Community
Congress for Economic Change Society (hence the name CCEC) and received its
charter in 1976. Since then, the credit union has grown in membership, assets
and experience, and contributed to the establishment of healthy community
development. Expansion of services to both group and individual members
continues our commitment to be the primary credit union for co-operatives,
community businesses and the non-profit sector, and to enhance and improve our
financial service package for individuals.

CCEC Finances What You Support

CCEC Credit Union keeps our money working in our community. We pool the
savings and financial activities of individuals, co-operatives, and other
community groups. The money is invested by lending for job creation,
co-operative financing, and other forms of community economic development.

CCEC is involved in all aspects of community growth. From helping a group
start a worker-controlled business, to helping an individual plan for the
future with an RRSP, CCEC is here to provide the financial services you need.

The Mission
of CCEC Credit Union is to fulfill its Statement of Purpose by:

  • Meeting the financial needs
    of members;Â
  • Enhancing the capacity of the
    non-profit, co-operative and small business sector of the community we
    serve; and
  • Providing leadership in
    fostering economic democracy in our community and the credit union system

Our Statement of Purpose:

  • To promote group solutions to
    individuals’ problems through the development and maintenance of
    co-operatives and self-help groups responding to basic human needs and
    community needs, and supporting one another.
  • To support and promote
    responsible action in the areas of social justice, racial and sexual
    equality, worker democracy, and conservation.
  • To develop, support, and
    promote models for economic organizations that foster and further
    community, consumer, and worker control, and membership.
  • To provide ourselves with
    needed financial services at reasonable costs.
  • To educate ourselves and the
    larger community in the areas of finance, economics, and politics, toward
    the end of obtaining a more equal distribution of wealth.
  • To maintain a workplace open
    to worker participation in determining responsibilities, accountability
    for work performed, and the quality of worklife.

At CCEC, we’re dedicated to community economic