As a young or small co-operative, accessing sources of funding or development capital can be difficult.


In 2011, the BCCA Board presented to our members the idea of developing a fund to support young and/or smaller-sized co-ops that are BCCA members. This idea was received with great enthusiasm and from there, the Co-op Momentum Fund was born. Created by BCCA members for BCCA members, the Co-op Momentum Fund is a revolving loan fund offered to BCCA and CCEC Credit Union (our fund management partner) co-op members. The Co-op Momentum Fund acts as a guarantee to the loans, which are provided directly by CCEC through its own loan portfolio. As we know financing can be a difficult area for many smaller-sized co-ops, this fund is here to help those members who have limited options for loans.

The Co-op Momentum Fund was initially started with a capital of $55,000 but at the recent 2019 AGM, it was approved to have the fund increased to $65,000. The fund offers both small loans ($5-20,000 range) as well as micro loans (< $5000). This fund is ideal for our member co-ops in the early-to-mid stage of their lifecycle and who would not be able to gain access to debt financing otherwise. Some past recipients of the fund have used the money to help scale and expand their co-ops.


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