Making our Message Heard – Provincial Election & BCCA Position Paper

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Making our Message Heard – BC Election 2013
A New Vision for BC

To All BCCA Members & Co-op Supporters:

As the election draws near, BCCA has been in discussion with the provincial parties to highlight the role that co-operatives can play in fashioning a new vision for economic and social development in BC.

We believe that now is the time to highlight the contribution that co-ops and credit unions have made to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities across the province. We want to show how co-operation can reconcile the economic needs of our province with the legitimate environmental and social concerns of British Columbians.

People are looking for a vision that promotes economic development that is socially responsible, and social development that is economically viable.

In the coming weeks, it is crucial that co-ops and co-op supporters take the time to make all candidates aware of the importance of the co-op model for strengthening local economies, for supporting local businesses, for improving health and social care, for building local food systems, and for aligning economic development with social values.

We are urging BCCA members and co-operators across BC to share our Position Paper with candidates from all parties, and to request their support for the policies and proposals we are bringing forward. Specifically, we propose that the province adopt three steps to mobilize the power and potential of co-ops in BC.

a)     Develop a strategic policy to increase the utility of the co-op model to advance economic and social development in the province.

b)     Support the financing of co-operatives and other forms of social enterprise to enhance the strength, resilience and diversity of local and regional economies.

c)     Name a Minister responsible for Co-operatives and the Social Economy.

We are encouraging co-operators to attend all-candidates meetings to raise these issues and to write or call candidates in your riding to register your endorsement of our proposals for provincial recognition and support for the co-op sector.

We are attaching for your information BCCA’s Position Paper and encourage you to share it with other co-op members as well as candidates running for office. We are also attaching a Co-op Fact Sheet and Speaking Points for your use and a list of candidates and the ridings they are contesting. Finally, here is a link to the Co-op Housing Federation’s web site for info on housing co-ops and the ridings in which they are located

The position paper is available by clicking here: BCCA’s Position Paper 

The fact sheet & speaking points are available by clicking here: Co-op Fact Sheet and Speaking Points

List of candidates: Candidates

Sample Letter: Sample Letter 

We hope you will support BCCA’s election effort by sending a clear message to candidates that co-ops are key to addressing BC’s economic and social issues. Thank you for joining BCCA in this important campaign for co-op recognition.

Yours in Co-operation,

John Restakis
Executive Director