Local Initiative “Blows Away” City Councillor

The answer to renewable energy might just be blowing in the wind.

Doug Patterson is a Brandon City Councillor, “Manitoba not only has
lots of water power to generate energy with but also we have wind.
Manitoba’s probably, if you look at a wind map, it’s one of the top
places in Canada for wind.”

Patterson is hoping to take advantage of the often windy conditions in our part of the province.

That’s where the Elton Energy Cooperative comes in.

Dan Mazier founded the Elton Energy Co-op, “There is no other model out there for communities or people to be involved in.”

The model has towns or municipalities purchasing the land and
turbines for the wind energy, not for exporting, but to use themselves.
Patterson thinks Brandon should be one of those communities.

“If we can support a neighbour in a cooperative wind farm and we can earn some money off it I don’t see why we wouldn’t.”

Mazier says, “I guess it’s up to Brandon if they want to become
part of it. There is no other model out there for communities or people
to be involved in renewable energy in Manitoba.”

Not everyone is blown away by the idea.

“It has been recommended not to go forward by administration,”
explains Mayor Dave Burgess. “And I agree with them the return on
investment for the city of Brandon would be questionable.”

With our without the Wheat City, the Elton Energy Co-op is moving
forward with its plan. The next step is to measure how much wind blows
in the area.