Lobbying Reminder: We’re not done lobbying yet!

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Hello Co-operators!

The election might be over but there is still lots of educating of elected officials to be done. Our team at the BCCA wanted to check-in to see if our information on co-ops in BC has been useful.

Have you been able to use the information from it to ask questions to incumbent MLAs, politicians, or talk about it with your community? If you’ve used this information, we’re eager to know how you’ve used it and what you think of it – please feel free to send us feedback and suggestions, and we will take steps to incorporate them into lobbying efforts for future elections and events.

In the meantime, there are still many reasons to lobby co-ops post-election!

  • Many elected/public officials do not know about co-ops – we do! Let’s share our deep knowledge of the co-op model and sector with them
  • Government is keen to hear from a diverse spectrum of groups and ideas – including co-ops
  • Policy will be developed with or without us – better to be a part of it!

If you haven’t already, please download our co-op lobbying document and share it far and wide.

Thank you again for helping us spread the word on co-ops!

The BCCA Team