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Publications for Sale

Civilizing the Economy (DVD)

Civilizing the Economy asks the question, “Is there an alternative to the pervasive power and influence of corporate capitalism as a model for economic and social development?”

To answer this question, this 2 part video documentary takes us on a journey to Northern Italy and the region of Emilia Romagna where the co-operative model accounts for one-third of the regional GDP. The 15,000 co-ops in the region cover multiple sectors of the economy, ranging from retail and industrial production to social care and health services.

In part 2, Social Co-ops and Social Care, we visit the community of San Patrignano where the co-op model is being used by recovering addicts in inspiring and innovative ways to begin living again. The video then explores applications of the social co-op model in the USA and Canada, leaving the viewer with a third option to the public-private care debate we are faced with today.

Civilizing the Economy is available for purchase through BCCA at a cost of $35 (Canadian dollars; shipping included) + GST (for Canadian residents).

To order, email general@bcca.coop