East End Food Co-op Board Recruitment Call-Out

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Hello all,

Please take a moment to read about our food co-op’s call-out for the Board of Directors and consider applying or sharing it with your networks. Thank you!

In this pivotal moment of the store’s 38-year history, the East End Food Co-operative (EEFC) is excited to seek nominations for new board members.

About the Co-op:

The East End Food Cooperative is Vancouver’s only member-owned, unionized grocery store featuring organic, fair trade and locally grown food. It is also Vancouver’s longest running retail food cooperative. The EEFC was founded in 1975 as a volunteer-run buying club, focused on providing members with access to a broad range of natural foods at affordable prices. Initially operating out of a warehouse, the EEFC has evolved into a storefront operation offering a much broader range of products but retaining its primary focus on local, healthy, organic and fair-trade food. Today, with over 9,000 members (approximately 6,000 of whom are currently active), 19 full- and part-time staff, and with gross annual sales exceeding $2.7-million, the EEFC is an important part of East Vancouver’s food community.

Current Direction:

Over the past few years, the EEFC has experienced challenges related to the relatively small scale of our current store; expansion has been highlighted as a key strategic opportunity. With strong support from members, the co-op is actively pursuing store expansion so we can improve our offering in the neighborhood and continue to thrive as a local food co-op.

In the past year we have made strong progress- completing an expansion market study, conducting a member engagement survey, rekindling member outreach with an electronic newsletter, and increasing our presence at community events. Over the next year are continuing to set a foundation for expansion by focusing on personnel solutions and more effective marketing strategies for the co-op.

Skills Needed:

The EEFC Board has historically been comprised of community volunteers from the co-op’s membership. We’re seeking new directors to provide leadership and strategic direction supporting store expansion, rebranding, and personnel solutions. Applicants with the following skills and experiences are specifically sought in 2013:

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Relations & Member Engagement

Board applicants will seek nomination and election by membership at the 2013 AGM on October 24th. If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute to the board, you can join in store or at the meeting for just $20. If you are interested in supporting at another level, volunteer and committee participation is also welcomed and appreciated!

A nomination form is attached to this message– to apply, please return the form to Graham at grahamjanderson@gmail.com by Monday, October 7. Thank you for your consideration, and please forward this message to others you believe may be eligible & interested!

Graham Anderson, Vice President
East End Food Co-op

Hannah Lewis
Aboriginal Programs Liaison
Institute for Aboriginal Health Garden and Community Kitchen Coordinator
The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm
(604) 822-5092